Coming Soon: Second Story Writer's Workshop

Coming Soon: Second Story Writer's Workshop

For quite a while now I've been looking for a group writing experience that would fit into my schedule. I wanted something that provided structure, but also left a lot of room for play. I wanted to get a little feedback on my work, but not too much. I wanted to learn from other writers without getting buried in dozens of pages to respond to every week. I wanted to be challenged and coddled at the same time.

Basically, I wanted it all and I wanted it the way I wanted it.

I know a lot of other writers, used-to-be writers, and wannabe writers who want it that way, too.

I couldn't find what I wanted, so I decided to build it.


Introducing Second Story Writer's Workshop.

Second Story Writer's Workshop is super supportive and ridiculous fun.

Second Story Writer's Workshop helps writers of all experience and commitment levels make time and space to write, and to get feedback on their works in progress.

Second Story Writer's Workshop ensures that those who want to write, write.

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No experience is required. This is not a workshop that caters to "published" writers or "serious" writers or "talented" writers. Although if you are any or all those things, we welcome you. Second Story Writer's Workshop is for people who want to be writers. Period.


A writer is someone who writes, and we're going to get you writing.


I can absolutely promise you that writers -- new, old, lapsed, and those currently only dreaming of writing -- will leave workshop sessions with ideas and drafts that are seeds for stories, poems, essays, articles, or entire books. Writers will also leave with concrete skills and tools they can use over and over again to keep the words moving onto the page.

Second Story Writers Workshop is pure creative confidence, wrapped in a bow and delivered with a smile, a sparkle, and a smirk.

Our first session begins in January, and will be open to a very limited number of writers.

Details coming soon.

To be the first to learn how to participate in our very first session, please provide your email below. Even if you already receive my messages, I'd like your email again here to keep you informed about all things Second Story. If you're not ready yet, but think you might be soon, please get on the list now. You never know when the time will be right to write!