Introducing Second Story Writer's Workshop

Introducing Second Story Writer's Workshop

The first thing I did when I got to town, after hooking up the cable (it was 13 years ago) and locating the nearest Walmart, was find a group of Northwest Arkansas writers. For quite a while now I've been looking for a similar group writing experience.

There are many wonderful options, like the Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop, one of the largest and most active writing community in Northwest Arkansas with many accomplished writers, especially in the areas of western, romance, paranormal, and Ozark history. Several other groups are listed on Arkansas Writers. Write By Night is another good resource.

Despite all these wonderful area groups, I decided to start my own Northwest Arkansas writer's workshop. Not the least of my reasons is that if I run the workshop I get to pick when, where, and how the workshop meets.

In addition to my personal scheduling concerns, I also believe that Northwest Arkansas writers are ready for something a little different. I believe we are ready for a smiley, sparkly, smirky group writing experience.

In Second Story Writer's Workshop, no experience is required. This is not a workshop that caters to “published” writers or “serious” writers or “talented” writers. Although if you are any or all those things, we welcome you. Second Story Writer’s Workshop is for people who want to write. Period.

And because a writer is someone who writes, we’re going to get you writing. Right away.

I can absolutely promise you that writers — new, old, lapsed, and those currently only dreaming of writing — will leave workshop sessions with ideas and drafts that are seeds for stories, poems, essays, articles, or entire books. Writers will also leave with concrete skills and tools they can use over and over again to keep the words moving onto the page.

Introducing: Second Story Writer's Workshop


What is Second Story Writer's Workshop?

Second Story Writer's Workshop is a structured group writing experience for anyone who wants to write. All you need is a notebook and a pen. You can use a pencil, but it'll smudge.

Second Story Writer's Workshop is a place to hear the truth about your words. And the truth is that everyone can tell beautiful and powerful stories. We help you find your truest, best voice and practice using it more often.

Second Story Writer's Workshop builds your creative confidence, session by session. Because you're not getting out the door without having scribbled some words onto the page. We will tie you to the chair if we have to. With nice ribbon.

Second Story Writer's Workshop gives writers tools to cut through procrastination and overwhelm so that they spend less time thinking about writing and more time actually writing.

Second Story Writer's Workshop is not specifically focused on publishing, but who are we kidding? Every writer I know wants to be published like a dog wants a bone. We will help you get there and celebrate your success when you do.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop is super supportive and ridiculous fun.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop helps writers of all experience and commitment levels make time and space to write, and to get feedback on their works in progress.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop ensures that those who want to write, write.

Second Story Writers Workshop is pure creative goodness, group support, and professional insights, wrapped in a bow and delivered with a smile, a sparkle, and a smirk.


How Does Second Story Writer's Workshop Work?

Second Story Writer's Workshop is modeled on the Amherst Method. We treat all writing as fiction, and the leader writes along and participates as a member of the workshop. The work we do is appropriate for total beginners to total pros, and everyone in between.

Every week we will spend brief periods actually writing to a prompt that is designed to teach a specific concept, or designed allow writers practice a particular technique. These writing exercises are structured, but allow for complete freedom for the writer to work in any genre, and to direct the writing in any way that works for them. Writers will have the opportunity, but never the obligation, to read fresh writing out loud to the group to get feedback on the parts that are especially strong.

Writers will also be able to submit manuscript pages to the group for responses, or they can choose to keep their writing private. Every writer will be supported and nudged into a deeper relationship with their writing, emerging as a more confident, more creative writer.