Writing & Publishing Coach

All the writing support - none of the literary snobbery.

I love to create order from the chaos.

Stories are messy. Content is complex

I help you find your story, craft your structure, and hold you to a plan.

All you need is a coach to clear the path.


Powerful Communication Planning

Your content is only the start. Crafting the strongest story and delivering it confidently ensures your message is received in a way that moves your specific audience to action. Topics can include publishing, marketing, platform development, market identification, social media strategy, speech writing and presentation preparation, messaging strategy, and developmental editing.

  • Comprehensive intake and planning session where we set goals and a plan
  • Weekly digital check-in
  • Bi-weekly assignments
  • 100% custom-tailored to the student
  • Final evaluation and next steps
  • 6 wee ks - $449

Remarkable Writing Routine

The truest truth I know about writing is that the best of it emerges from the most mundane details, consistently attended to. From your grammar, to your structure, to getting your ass in that chair. It’s all rather tedious until it’s done. Then it’s remarkable. Let me get you started in the right routine.

  • Comprehensive intake and planning session where we set goals and a writing plan
  • Weekly digital check-in
  • Bi-weekly assignments
  • Bi-Weekly writing evaluation, with written feedback via marked up pages
  • 100% custom-tailored to the student
  • Up to 60 total pages evaluated
  • Final evaluation and next steps
  • 4 sessions over 6 weeks - $449


Shortcuts & Secrets Strategic Session

There are no real shortcuts in writing, but there are easier and harder ways to get things done. I’ve put in the 10,000 hours so that you can get to your best words faster. Here’s where you get to ask me anything, and I’ll reveal all my hard earned secrets. A bargain at any cost, but beware: writing is addictive, you might be back for more. Monthly appointments extremely limited.

  • Advice, direction, and next steps calculation
  • Identifying true goals and creating intentionality
  • Perfect time to “pick my brain” 
  • Ideal for planning a large or small project
  • Can be used as an editorial assessment for up to 20 pages
  • Can include working session by video conference or in person
  • 60 minutes - $229
Lela was completely honest about her own need to create and stick to writing routines, and that put everyone in the room at ease. This is not a workshop led by someone who asks you to buy their books and reminds you every week to interact with her on social media – it’s a place for writers to make real progress toward self-set goals and find community with others doing the same. I would recommend six weeks with Lela to anyone who wants to write more, start writing, or just see if writing is really what they want to do.
— Laurie Marshall, Freelance Writer / Social Media Strategist
Laurie Marshall Lela Davidson

Marie Clapper Lela Davidson
Lela is exciting, inspiring, and perceptive. I am writing again and loving it! This workshop was the most creative fun I’ve had in years.
— Marie Clapper, Media Executive / Playwright, Author "Everyday Matters: One Woman Savors Ordinary Days in Extraordinary Ways"

I left the workshop with 101 (!) pages of writing, countless ideas and essay concepts to revisit, the motivation to relaunch and rethink my blog, confidence and enthusiasm that had been otherwise waning, and something else I didn’t anticipate I gained an intriguing, diverse, supportive group of writer friends.
— Beth Stephens, Influencer Marketing Executive
Beth Stephens Lela Davidson