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Welcome to Stop the Swirl!

Are you ready to make a change in the world?

You’ll need influence, and to influence others, it helps to be an authority.

How can you become an authority?

Curate and cultivate a body of work that demonstrates your expertise.

Because there’s a difference between an expert and an expert who influences others to create change. Experts know what needs to happen. Authorities influence others and get things done.

Building a body of work takes time, but there are ways to accelerate your progress.

Step 1: Stop the swirl of your ideas.

Get your tornado of ideas out of your head and out into the world. By the way, Rockstar, did you know your ideas are already perfectly organized?

This free training will provide you with a simple 3-Step process you can use to tame your tornado of ideas and get them all working together to build influence and authority.

You’ll leave the training with a simple tool to build a body of work that is cohesive, consistent and 100% you. That's what builds influence and authority.

It’s a simple technique to find the common thread that will make those awesome ideas STOP swirling and START working together.

In the training I cover:

  • The real reasons ideas spin in your head and the simple solution to stop the swirl immediately

  • My simple 3-step tool you can use anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your great ideas

  • How to create your own magic formula for organizing future ideas, so you can silence the swirl for good

After the training, make sure to book your Portfolio Pinpoint session. Spots are limited and they fill up quickly!


Thank you Lela for this training. You were talking to me!

What I loved most was the system you gave for capturing my ideas, sorting and grouping the ideas and seeing what themes emerged. I love your systematic approach.

I also like the fact that capturing the ideas is not a complicated process. In other words, a notebook and pen would suffice. So I have no excuse.

Patience Reich

Associate Professor of Medicine, Wake Forest, Musician & Humanitarian


Sometimes I feel like I'm not making an impact. I have so many ideas, but after this training, I realize what I'm missing is a framework for those ideas. I think my rebel spirit fights against a structure because I don't want to be put in a box. But as I get older I see that I have less time on the planet to make a big impact.

Jacqueline Wolven, Speaking, Strategy & Storytelling