What Will your story become?

You have control over every story you choose to tell.

Stories are powerful. They stir emotion and connect people.

Yours is no different.

But working through your story alone can become overwhelming. And that can silence your voice & stifle your creativity.

You need someone who's been there and done that. Someone who can help you implement structure, who will hold you accountable, and who has insider information about content & publishing strategy.

Hi, I'm Lela Davidson.

I'm here help you discover your voice, take control over your story, and share your message your way.

So you tell betters stories, feel better about those stories, and share your best stories with the world.

Because I believe that:

When you find your voice, you rule your world.

When you use your voice, you change the world.  



How can I help?

Things I love to do:

  • Speak to groups of women about taking control, and using the power of their stories to change their lives and their communities
  • Help artists, executives, and entrepreneurs take control and build more powerful stories 
  • Sign copies of my books (seriously, that NEVER gets old!)

Ready to master the muse with easy to implement discipline, hone your writing craft, and build a powerful platform to share your story with the world? I can help.

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Need a speaker or trainer to entertain and arm your audience with powerful storytelling tools? Invite me to share my story and strategies at your next event.


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