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If you’re ready to step up your contribution and build a better business, a meatier movement, or a kickass career, there are two things you can no longer afford to ignore.

Influence & Authority

  • Influence and Authority amplify your work so your messages and accomplishments are working for you while you’re working on your Next Big Thing.

  • Influence and Authority attract the right people and resources so that what you build tomorrow is bigger and better than anything you can dream up today.

  • Influence and Authority create a roadmap for other women to follow, so that together we create the equity we want to see in the world.

Hello! I'm Lela Davidson.  I created Portfolio to put my corporate, startup, and publishing experience to use helping women build influence and authority. I’m excited to help you create and promote a body of work that elevates the contribution that only you can make!

Hello! I'm Lela Davidson.

I created Portfolio to put my corporate, startup, and publishing experience to use helping women build influence and authority. I’m excited to help you create and promote a body of work that elevates the contribution that only you can make!

Without influence and authority you will continue to grind away at your goals, but struggle to make the significant impact you know you were born to contribute. You’ll continue to come up short by your own standards, because your unique talents aren’t reaching those who need them most.

When you don’t develop influence and authority you’re leaving too much on the table, and failing to pave the way for other women to step up and shine in their own pursuits.

When you’ve got influence and authority, the world is easier. You’ll be working just as hard as ever, but things will happen faster and you’ll know the difference you’re making or the value you’re adding really matters.

So, how do you build Influence and Authority?

By working through Portfolio, the only coaching experience for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and movement makers that’s designed to expand your influence and authority by strategically building a body of of work.

Assets Create Influence & Authority

Your body of work is a Portfolio of assets that allows you to reach more people deeply. The greater the contribution you want to make, the more important your body of work becomes. Because you don’t have time to go deep with each person who needs to hear your message or benefit from your work.

Portfolio is a one-on-one intensive where we dive deep into the areas that matter, and come out the other side with a framework and an actionable plan to support your greatest contribution yet.

Week 1: Wild & Crazy Why

This week we dig deep to:

  • Uncover the deep and important “Why” that drives all your work, so that you’ll always be grounded in your true purpose.

  • Understand the three critical elements that build a Portfolio over time, which you will learn to balance without burning out.

  • Define why only you can build this particular Portfolio, and why you need to build it now, so that each effort builds meaning for yourself and those you serve.

Week 2: What Do You Think You Are?

This week we get 1 million % clear on:

  • The purpose your work serves, and value it brings, so that you’ll always know your hard work is building toward a significant contribution.

  • The internal motives that drive and excite you, and your unique picture of success.

  • What you’re ultimately building and contributing through your body of work, so that you’ll never waste energy on efforts that don’t serve their larger contribution.

Week 3: Taking Stock & Taking Names

This week we take inventory of your creative routines and critical success skills to find:

  • Ways to ensure you’re always innovating and coming up with new ideas to feed your Portfolio, so that work feels more like play.

  • The critical skills you need to develop to support the Portfolio you’re building, so you’re always at the top of your own game.

  • Distinct next steps and timing to move you into immediate and sustainable action, because burnout is real and this work is too important to rush.

Week 4: Frame It Up & Work It Out

This week we build the the critical elements of a powerful Portfolio, including:

  • A strategic framework for your message to ensure you’re always on point and all your efforts work together to build your influence and authority.

  • The Portfolio development plan so that makes sense for your goals and your life, because authority and influence are earned over time through consistent, strategic efforts.

  • Our final collaboration session where we break through any remaining barriers to get your Portfolio off to a successful start.

BONUS Lesson: Craft a PR Strategy and Maximize Every Opportunity to Borrow Influence

This lesson is available after you’ve completed your Portfolio Design Blueprint. Which ensures you’ll have the right foundation to take full advantage of every opportunity to leverage others’ influence and authority to support your work.

CRUSH Portfolio Accelerator

Once you’ve successfully completed Portfolio you’ll have the option to join an exclusive group of highly influential and authoritative women.

  • Every expanding library of resources to support continuous learning

  • Monthly training and connection call for real-time learning and coaching

  • Facebook group to build community and share-and-reapply across members’ diverse expertise areas

  • Ongoing one-on-one coaching

Repetition is Reputation. The more you stay on message, the greater impact your message will have. The quicker you clarify a strategy, the sooner you start to make your greatest contribution.

When you have a completed Portfolio Plan, you will no longer waste time and energy on things that are not building your larger contribution.

At The end of Portfolio, you’ll know how to market your message and yourself in ways that feel like a contribution, not a manipulation.

How Portfolio Works

  • Each week you’ll receive an email with links to 2 lessons to complete for the week at your own pace.

  • Each lesson includes an audio, you can listen while doing other things.

  • Every week you’ll complete one or more worksheets, which you’ll submit to me via shared Portfolio Blueprint Google Doc.

  • You’ll schedule a 15-minute coaching call with me weekly, via Calendly. If you are unable to meet for 15 minutes in a certain week, you’ll miss that week’s individual coaching. Calls are 15 minutes each and cannot be combined or rolled over.

  • In the call we can discuss content from any Lesson Worksheets you have completed and submitted to me via Google Doc at least 24 hours prior.

  • Once you have completed all Lesson Worksheets and compiled them into your Portfolio Blueprint, and within 5 weeks of your Portfolio start date, you will schedule a 30-minute Collaboration Session, via Calendly.

  • For 5 weeks you will have unlimited access to me via Voxer. I will answer within 48 hours.

  • After completing Portfolio, you will also gain access to my exclusive Portfolio accelerator, an optional follow-up group program for Portfolio Builders that drives accountability and momentum through a community of like-minded women.

You’ll also receive a Personal Brand Assessment

  • Before we begin our first coaching session, I’ll assess your external facing brand to provide you an objective view of how others see you and your work.

  • You learn the top 3 things you can start doing today to elevate your personal brand and grow your influence and authority.

  • You’ll receive an analysis of the two critical components of a strong personal brand, and how yours stacks up.

    Frequently Asked Questions

Were you really Blacklisted from the PTA?
Yes, and I highly recommend it! So much so that I wrote the book on it. I’ve always been an outsider. That’s what happens when you attend 14 different schools from Kindergarten to senior year. Moving from the west coast to the Bible Belt, and deciding to try “stay home” motherhood at the same time was just another adventure. The blacklisting was inevitable, understandable, and ultimately uber valuable. Leading field days and dominating bulletin boards was never the game I was meant to play

How is Portfolio different than other writing workshops?
Super duper different because it’s not a writing workshop. At all. I started a writers workshop in 2016 because I craved a community-based creative outlet. However, I soon grew antsy with that effort and realized it was because Creativity (yes, capital C) is only one part of the equation. To make the contribution we want to make, we’ve got to build our communication and marketing skills in parallel with nurturing the creative engine.

How is Portfolio different than other branding programs?
Again, so different. Portfolio is about creating a sustainable equilibrium between your ability to  generate and develop ideas, the skills you need to develop if you want to achieve your greatest contribution, and the marketing prowess to distribute your message to those who need it most.

I work in the corporate world. How can I use Portfolio?
Everyone needs to build a legacy, aka your body of work. That’s how you elevate yourself to the next level and advance so that you can both be a role model and create more opportunities for more women. Your body of work is also what others evaluate you on. You absolutely need a strategy to focus your efforts and build your legacy over time.

What do you mean by “body of work”?
That’s simply everything you create that speaks for you when you’re not in the room. It’s your resume, the content you share on social, articles you author, presentations you give, proposals you make. It’s all part of your portfolio, and the sooner you create a strategy around it, the sooner you’ll accelerate your authority and influence.

My schedule is INSANE. Why would I add one more thing?
Sister, I hear you. I’m right there too. But sometimes we need to step back and go slow in order to do our best work when we step up and move fast. This 4-week investment will set you up to be more efficient, effective and productive for the next year or longer.

This is just my little side thing. I don’t feel right spending this much on it. How can I justify the time, money, and energy?
If your work isn’t important, I agree don’t do it. But I’m guessing you didn’t read this far unless that nagging voice that tells you to just do it already wasn’t getting louder and louder. If you don’t invest in yourself and your dream, you’ll never know what your contribution could be. Be bold. Find out.

This sounds like a lot of work. Is it really worth it?
Yep, tons of work. And yes, so worth it. When you have a completed Portfolio Plan, you will no longer waste time and energy on things that don’t build your larger contribution. Come on, Big Girl, hard work has never scared you before.

I’m doing pretty well on my own without a coach or program. Why should I sign up for Portfolio?
I’m not sure you should. But if you’re making gains on your own already, I can’t help but wonder how much Portfolio would accelerate your work. You’ll make your mark one way or another. Portfolio is just here to get you there faster.

I don’t have the money for it right now. How can I keep building my body of work while I’m saving up?
Great question! And love that you’re investing in your growth. I’m consistently creating helpful free content to help all women expand their influence and authority, and make their greatest contribution. Make sure you’re on my email list. Also, this program makes a great gift so make sure to put it on your list!

I travel a lot for work. How do I access the program? How is the course delivered? What format is it in?
Super easy. Each week for four weeks you’ll receive an email with links to an audio lesson and the week’s homework. Submit your homework by sending me a Google doc link, and sign up for a 15-minute personal coaching session through Calendly. There are no mandatory times or places to be. We customize Portfolio to what works best for you.

What if I don’t finish all the homework within five weeks? Can I extend the program?
No can do. I’ve found that accountability drives action. So I’m going to hold you to your Portfolio commitment. Portfolio is a demanding program and I’m a tough coach, but I promise you can do anything for five weeks ;)

What kinds of women sign-up for Portfolio?
All the kinds. Artists, executives, entrepreneurs, change and movement makers. I designed Portfolio to help women lead in any areas of their lives they choose to highlight, whether that’s community building, corporate climbing, or entrepreneurial expansion. Portfolio can even help you become the President of the PTA. Although I’d much prefer you set your sights on the Oval Office.

Can I share the coaching materials with my team or a friend?
No. All program materials are for your use only. No offense, but I coach through this material a lot better than you could. I designed this program to be affordable so that I can reach the maximum number of women who are ready to make a larger contribution.

How often do you have openings for Portfolio?
Tough to say. Portfolio is my passion project, my side hustle, the thing that charges my batteries. However, I have a demanding Main Hustle, so I’m strict about the time I devote to this work. To ensure every client gets the best of me, I limit enrollment in Portfolio to three badass women at a time. Don't wait to be one of them. Procrastination is a sure sign you’re already stuck.

What if I change my mind? What's the refund policy?
How about we just make sure you’re sure before you hit the Pay button, shall we? If six weeks of commitment that sets you up for a year’s worth of efficient, effective, productive work toward your dream sounds like too much, please wait. Portfolio is for serious contributors. I’m not here to get you started. I’m here to accelerate your efforts.

Were you really an accountant?
Indeed. But not the accounting sort of accountant. I would have failed the obligatory bookkeeping course in college had the professor not given me a second chance at the final. Even in the world of Big Accounting, I was a storyteller, crafting crates of documents into compelling stories for attorneys. Via my most beloved documents: spreadsheets.

How did you end up in advertising?
I just kept taking the right fork in the road. It’s been a squiggly career path. Phase 1, working as a CPA/financial analyst for a decade, gifted me with business savvy and an analytical skill set. Phase 2, creating content, managing editorial teams, publishing books, and providing strategic direction to a variety of brands and publications taught me digital media and marketing from the ground up. I was able to use that knowledge to help build a venture backed e-commerce retailer. And now in Phase 3 I’m putting all my experience to work leading a team that helps world class brands sell more in physical and digital retail. While I always wanted to go deep in a single field and become an absolute expert, that was not meant to be. I needed the three distinct chapters of my career to be able to make my greatest contribution.

Portfolio is right for you if:

  • You take charge and take action.

  • You’re ready to play a bigger game.

  • You live for upgrading your skills and contribution.

  • You’re not afraid to dig deep and work hard.

  • You can’t wait to add a shiny new secret weapon to your toolbox.

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Your Portfolio Starts Now

Because Portfolio is personal coaching, I don’t offer a refund. However, I guarantee that when you do the work, results will come. My Portfolio model will expand and accelerate whatever contribution you want to make, ensure you always have fresh content and fresh perspectives, and build the confidence you need to persist in the work you know you are meant to do.

Next Session Starts: January 5, 2020

Investment: $797

Need help registering? Email me. Or book a complimentary 15-minute Portfolio Pinpoint session.

I can’t wait to dig into your work, help you clarify your contribution, find the skills and practices that will set you up for success, and craft a strategic framework and plan that propels your influence and authority so that you make the difference you were born to make.

Let’s do this!


PS -- If you want to build a better businesses, a meatier movement, or a kickass career, you have to up your influence and authority game! That’s why the very first thing we do in Portfolio is get to the juicy ‘Why’ behind what you want to do, so you’ll never again wonder if all your hard work will pay off in the end.

PPS -- If you need help registering, email me. Or book a complimentary 15-minute Portfolio Planner session.

Ready to truly own your authority? I can help you go from scattered to centered. I'm sure of it. Because every single woman who has gone through Portfolio so far has had similar results.

Don’t Take My Word For It!

Lela has a spectacular knack for identifying where you're getting in your own way that is obvious only once she's pointed it out. Even better she's reliably able to identify key things you can do differently and give you actionable steps to implement those changes.

Her clear analysis and energetic enthusiasm had me looking forward not only to our calls, but genuinely enjoying the assignments she gave me. Before I did the Portfolio sessions I had the vague but pressing idea I needed to make changes in the way I ran my business.

After I did Portfolio not only is it clear to me what those changes are, but I'm excited to make them happen!

Portfolio is the best investment I've ever made in my professional life, period. I went from stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling disorganized to feeling focused and confident in just five weeks. Yes, it required some deep work on my part, but knowing that Lela had my back every step of the way made me feel that it was okay to dive in and do the work, secure in the knowledge that when the process was complete, I'd have a plan that would be realistic, effective, and in alignment with my strengths, my values, and my goals.

I am happy to say that I now start each day with focus and purpose, feeling grounded and calm, rather than frantic and frenzied.  

Before Portfolio, I felt like a bull in a china shop. I felt like I needed to go for every opportunity that came my way. Social media was overwhelming. Everything was overwhelming. I approached each day without a clear plan of what I wanted to accomplish that day, that week, or even that month.

My plan for where I wanted to be next year? Five years from now? Forget it. I couldn't think that far ahead because I felt like I was drowning in the tasks that demanded my attention right now. I knew I couldn't do all the things right now but I didn't know how to prioritize.

I knew that I was supposed to have a vision for myself and focus on the things that would make that vision a reality; I've read the books, listened to the podcasts, watched the Ted talks. But whenever I thought about creating a vision and a plan, I'd just get overwhelmed and tell myself it was okay to take it one day at a time.

Figuring out what I really wanted meant stepping back from the things I didn't really want and I was afraid to commit to just one or two pursuits. More accurately, I was afraid to go all in, only to fail.

The beauty of working with Lela is, she gets it. She gets the fear and she gets the overwhelm, and she knows how to help you see your vision so clearly that you start to see your fear and overwhelm for what they are; signals that you're out of your comfort zone rather than signals you should just get under the covers and binge watch Netflix. She has helped me to think big, believe in myself, stop getting hung up on fear, and take action.

In addition to helping me with the big things, like envisioning my dream and breaking it down into manageable pieces, she's great with the smaller things.

I don't know how many times in the relatively short period of time we've worked together where I thought, "Portfolio would have been worth it even if all I got was this one Voxer message."

She's great at coming up with solutions to problems big and small and helping me avoid getting hung up on details.

If you're on the fence about Portfolio, my advice is GO FOR IT.

I took Portfolio specifically for the promise of being able to create and curate a body of work so it's coherent. I've struggled hard to implement a clear brand message. I had a lot of assumptions but no real evidence - am I in the ballpark? Does my market love me? Hate me?

Enter a few key components of Portfolio that really helped me:

  • A framework to understand what my weakness was in the system of my business.

  • A brand assessment by Lela herself, so I can get a professional opinion of my content (the good, bad, and beautiful - there was no ugly!)

  • A lens to commit to for all current and future content so everything is clear and coherent. It also allows me to alter or decline work that comes to me.

  • The weekly one on one sessions were worth the price of the whole course. Lela is a master at thinking through, seeing and understanding the big picture and the granular details of what is needed. Her encouragement and accountability had me doing more in those 4 weeks than I did in months on my own.

Portfolio gave me the direction and clarity to move forward so I can communicate and curate all my work so people are helped and not overwhelmed or confused. If you can get in, do it.

Your Portfolio Starts Now

Because Portfolio is personal coaching, I don’t offer a refund. However, I guarantee that when you do the work, results will come. My Portfolio model will expand and accelerate whatever contribution you want to make, ensure you always have fresh content and fresh perspectives, and build the confidence you need to persist in the work you know you are meant to do.

Next Session Starts: January 5, 2020

Investment: $797

Need help registering? Email me. Or book a complimentary 15-minute Portfolio Pinpoint session.