Why, yes, I was blacklisted from the PTA!

Someone peed on my yoga mat.

And no, there's no such thing as balance. Therefore, I say fake it.

Want a peek inside my life? Read about how I took control over my time and destiny, and how I learned to live my imperfect life strategically with sense of humor. Even if I had to fake it on occasion.

My books are written in an fun, easy-to-read, and fast-paced style, and the lessons inside each book can be applied from the playroom to the boardroom.

I wrote my books are for moms who needed to know that someone else "gets it", but it turns out they also appeal to dads, aunts, and grandmas too! 

Blacklisted from the PTA Lela Davidson
FakingBalanceCover Lela Davidson

A collection of life lessons about my triumphs and tribulations as a wife & mother, including powerful advice for getting blacklisted.

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Funny, witty, insightful and the perfect read when you’re hiding in a bathroom stall during a PTA meeting.
— Wendi Aarons, award-winning humor writer

A collection of irreverent stories about my experience in suburbia. From motherhood to mean girls and every carpool lane in between.

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Lela Davidson is fifty shades of hilarious. After reading this book, you’ll never look at a yoga mat or shower scrubber the same way again.
— Jenna McCarthy, author of "If It Was Easy, They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon"

A collection of quirky, humorous essays about my journey from the boardroom to the playroom and back again.

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“... captures the madness of the work-life juggle with warmth, wit and poignancy. A very fun, and very human, read...”
— Brigid Schulte, author of "Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play when No One has the Time"

Reader Reviews for Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life:

"I tore through this collection of essays on motherhood, professional life, cross-country moves, and finding ways to make it all work, by Lela Davidson. With quirky humor throughout, Faking Balance is a great read for any woman who works to find ever-elusive balance in her life. Davidson's personal essays show the bravery of reinvention. For me, a mom of two young kids, this read was inspiring. It showed that there is no one way to professional satisfaction and good parenting, you just do your best. Davidson is unafraid of change and reinvention herself, and that is an inspiration to any mom. Plus, as a writer, I really enjoyed reading about her journey as a writer, and would like to read more. It would make a great follow-up book."

"I just finished reading my friend Lela Davidson's newest book Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life. Her humor and sentimental musings are spot on, I think she has been spying on my life. Friends, if you're looking for a new fall read buy her book."

"Taking the time to read Faking Balance was my treat to myself. I found myself laughing and sometimes feeling sentimental at Ms. Davidson's insights into the life of the modern mom. I loved every page of her newest book and recommend Faking Balance."

"Laughed so hard and have seen my self in several pages."

"I enjoy Lela's writing. She makes me think I too can cope with the craziness that life hands over."

"Funny, irreverent and real. Even as a single gal, I found a lot of it relevant to trying to find balance between "real" life and "work" life."

"Managing the conflicting priorities of work, marriage and motherhood often calls for a juggling act that can stress even the most calm women, who are often told that being successful at all three is just a matter of balance. Along comes Lela Davidson, a writer with a wicked sense of humor and a willingness to lay bare some of the challenges she has faced in the major areas of life since getting pregnant with her first child in the 1990s.

Davidson’s collection of essays, Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life, is honest, funny, and refreshing. Her stories start with an essay that tells how she set up a spreadsheet to plan to her first pregnancy, and then go on to describe the challenges of early motherhood, the jobs she held over the years, and the challenges she faced trying to make it all work. I saw similarities to my own family life in situations such as taking family portraits, hanging out with the kids at Chuck E. Cheese’s, struggling to get out of the house on time, wishing for rain to cancel soccer practice, and more.

Through it all I felt like I could have been having a cup of coffee with a friend, listening to her stories and laughing about the situations once the stress of the moment was in the past. Davidson’s stories capture the universality of experience for many women. Because of that, I believe it appeals to moms who work outside the home as well as those who don’t."

"I really enjoyed this book - it's a quick read, a real joy to pick up and breeze through when you're looking for that great read at the end of the day or when you get a few minutes in an afternoon. As a mother who was a career person when my kids were very little, then transitioned to staying home, I related well to Lela's stories of doing the same. Her passion for feeling fulfillment through work, feeling that her education was time and effort well-spent as well as her desire to be a good (but realistic mother - loved the chapter on the new vehicle - keeping it pristine for a while and then finally realizing that was a bit of losing battle is a great metaphor, to me, of how life becomes less perfect but just as wonderful when you become a parent. Her ambition as a writer also impressed me - and inspired me. Her interactions with moms in the various places she's lived were relatable, and I laughed out loud several times. Here writing style is easy to read, but not simplistic. It's rich with emotions, descriptions and humor. I highly recommend it!"

"Liking hanging out with a friend who knows that you too are faking balance. I laughed and related so much to Lela's honest account of her battles with that elusive balance. Give this book to every working mom you know."

"aking Balance is a fun, quick, and relatable read for any mother who has found herself wondering at least once every day why she seems to be failing at that mystical concept called Balance. There's the kids, their schedules, their lunches, their playdates and college applications...

Add in the significant others, the dishes, the laundry, the work (inside and/or outside the home), and trying to carve out the freaking time to de-stress with yoga and meditation - or vodka and brownies - which - ironically - causes more of the very pressure to balance it all that we are totally already faking! Lela's voice is true, crisp, and her writing is witty and real. I've never spoken to her on the phone, but I have a feeling that what I hear when we finally do meet in person will be exactly the voice I heard in my head while reading Faking Balance. And that, my friends, plays big on my What Makes An Author a Great Author list.

Thank you, Lela, for your story. I can't wait for more.""


Reader Reviews for Who Peed on My Yoga Mat?:

"This book made me laugh out loud! So loud that my husband made me read him the chapter that is was laughing about. Her life is a lot like mine but she writes about it so much better than I ever could! I have bee telling everyone I know to read this book and I can't wait to read her other books!"

"Thank you for making my 50 minutes on the elliptical fly by today with a grin on my face. Who Peed On My Yoga Mat on the Kindle and I was good to go for even an extra 5 minutes beyond the mandatory 45. I don't know how you ended up in Arkansas, but I wish you were still in Seattle---would love to buy you a cocktail or five."

"The author really put it all out there for this collection; even more so than her first essay book, "Blacklisted from the PTA." I laughed out loud several times and found myself nodding at several of them. Thing is, you don't have to agree with her to love her work."

"This book is a quick read with some really funny short stories! I had to read some parts out loud to my family. They thought it was hilarious too! Very honest stories about her family life. Makes you realize your family isn't so nuts after all!"

"This book is laugh-out-loud, lift-you-up funny.Seriously. Who peed? I always try to use either the book title or a pithy comment on the book as a review title, but who could improve on a book title like Lela Davidson's Who Peed On My Yoga Mat?! This hilarious book dives head-first into the ugly world of suburban motherhood. And while Lela would be the very first to point out her problems are very first world, she doesn't dodge the tough questions. She refreshingly admits that all grown women are still scared of the mean girls. She also offers the pleasing insight that with wisdom (read: age, like the one I am fast approaching, the big number I refuse to admit is on the cusp of the downhill slide), comes the confidence to ignore those mean girls, once and for all. She admits to not exactly loving Yoga taught by teenagers (GASP! she could totally get kicked out of the carpool for that!!!) and she also admits that suburban moms have sex (and sometimes like it). Don't worry--it doesn't get all Shades of Gray-Haired Cougar; she is far too classy and young for that. What I think I love most is she gave me a woman to emulate who is 1) a mom (and has survived intact as a woman) 2) knows about mom jeans and would avoid them 3) can carpool her kids to hockey and soccer and maintain her mystique 4) can dance til dawn and coquettishly relish (and reject) the advances of young men she has the smarts to see right through. The chapter on His Holiness the Dali Lama is freaking awesome (and useful, because I, like Davidson, will get to see him at a large venue here soon and I'm trying, but will surely fail, to read anything the man has written before I see him). She's real and she's real funny, you all. Please read!"

"Written with a take no prisoners (especially when it comes to those she loves the most :) honesty, Lela shares her family's finest moments in a laugh out loud collection of essays every woman will eat up with a spoon. I shared one particularly hilarious tidbit with my husband that literally left him shaking with laughter..."

"There are two ways to thoroughly enjoy Who Peed on My Yoga Mat. The first is to read it just for fun. The book is a collection of essays by Lela Davidson. The essays cover a wide range of topics, generally centered around raising children, marriage, getting older and living in today's complex and complicated society. Ms. Davidson writes with a saucy, sassy style that is often laugh out loud funny.

The second way to enjoy this book is to read it for its therapeutic value. The book is a bargain compared to one session with your shrink, a month's supply of your mood altering drug or any of the various ways people self-medicate, including retail therapy. The stories are funny but they also have a sharp insight into all the trials that life throws at us. Unlike other forms of therapy, the only side effects of the therapeutic value of this book are totally positive.

The primary audience for this book is the soccer mom - the woman trying to raise a family, juggle too many schedules, please too many people and at the same time take care of herself. However that does not mean that the book does not have something to offer men and women who do not fit in the soccer mom category.

While Ms. Davidson writes about herself and her family, it will be easy for most moms to find plenty of examples of their own issues in this book. It is a close relative to group therapy. You will find reassurance that you are not the only person in the world who thinks the way you do or is concerned about certain issues. In addition to lots of laughs most women will find comfort in the stories and experiences Lela shares.

The book is a quick and easy read. It can easily be read in one sitting. You will certainly get to know Lela quite well, her writing makes you feel like you have known her all your life. You will also be feel like you can't wait for the next chapter of her life.

Women will certainly want to make sure their husbands/relationship partners read the section - Marital Bliss. Lots of good lessons in there for men.

A fun read but also has some very good underlying messages not to take things too seriously. Read it for fun and then read it again for the therapeutic value."

"Life as a wife and a mother is not the easiest existence to capture with the written word, but author Lela Davidson always manages to expertly convey just how hilarious -- and occasionally poignant -- even the most mundane moments of motherhood can be.

In her newest collection of essays, Who Peed On My Yoga Mat?, Davidson once again proves that she totally gets it. Her second book is filled with the same sly humor and blunt candor that made her debut collection, Blacklisted From The PTA, an award-winning success.

Davidson doesn't mince words when describing marriage, motherhood, and family life. From lessons learned at her 40th birthday party to the perils of trying to schedule sex, Lela is never afraid to tell readers how she really feels -- which is why her essays are so fun to read.

Overzealous classroom parents, for example, might seem like just another unavoidable routine annoyance, but they're hilarious in Lela's description of their quest to get their child "a solo in the first grade production of Are You There, Winter, It's Me, Culturally Confused."

This is a book that just about every mother can appreciate. Lela's essays and insights are funny and good-natured, and though her tongue can be sharp, her heart is also big. She reminds us all that -- in order to survive the daily grind -- we have to laugh, even when it's at ourselves.

Besides, when it comes to laughing at yourself, Lela is an expert. Guess who actually peed on her yoga mat? Let's just say it wasn't her dog."

"A wonderfully witty follow-up to Blacklisted from the PTA, this collection of stories from the front lines of parenthood, womanhood, even bloggerhood, will keep you grinning and giggling from the first page to the last! Lela Davidson knows how to channel her wit, sarcasm and feistiness in way that makes you feel like you could go out and conquer your own blunders in life with grace and confidence. From her son accidentally dropping the F-bomb, to how to properly apply Aqua Net at your 40th birthday party, Lela offers up a rosy outlook on how she deals with life's little imperfections. And rest assured that you do find out who did the peeing as well as how she actually got blacklisted from the PTA! There's reason enough to run out and grab this book."

"f you are looking for a fun, funny, entertaining read, look no further. Anything Lela writes is guaranteed to keep you amused and laughing long after the last line is read. Her ability to tell a story is endearing and hilarious--with a big dose of "Did she really just say that?"--all in one, and "Who Peed on My Yoga Mat?" is no exception. I highly recommend it to all fellow book lovers!"

"With chapter headings including the subjects of motherhood, married life, neighbors, and being 40-something, "Who Peed on My Yoga Mat?" would make a great holiday gift for the women in your life. As long as they don't mind cussing and talk of titties, botox and orgasms. ;) One of the things I love about a collection of essays is the devotional-like quality of them. I can read one or two while waiting for my son at piano lessons, or just before I go to bed, and get something out of them without having to rush back to the book later because the arc of the story hasn't been completed. This is also a great thing about having a Kindle with a sweet orange case... it's cute and petite, but it might contain some naughty words, just like Lela."

"You'll love this fun read that will help you not only feel better about yourself and your smelly kid, but will have you laughing as you see yourself in similar situations. Lela has wrapped it all up in a pretty pink cover. You'll probably skip yoga class to read this collection of humor essays about every day life."

"Even though I haven't quite mastered the downward dog pose without feeling like I'm going to pass out from blood rushing to my head, I still couldn't wait to read Lela Davidson's newest book.

Come to find out her newest title has nothing to do with yoga, except for the leaky bladder part, and everything to do with an enjoyable collection of humorous, insightful essays on marriage and motherhood, botox and boobs.

Sure, I'm Jewish and she's a Christian living in the Bible Belt, but readers like me will find that they have a lot in common with the author, and that is, we love to see the funny side of everyday parenting.

A must read for every mom (and yogi)!"

"The laughs don't stop in Lela Davidson's new book of essays Who Peed on My Yoga Mat? You can read the single serve essays when you only have a few minutes to be entertained, but you can't just read one! You want to read them one after the other because they're that good and that engaging. It's the crack cocaine of parenting humor. And what a voice she has! When you read Davidson's words you'll feel as if she's right there reading to you. So don't keep it in the bathroom. And don't pee on Lela Davidson's yoga mat. She doesn't like that. ~Eric Ruhalter, author of The Kid Dictionary: Hilarious Words to Describe the Indescribable Things Kids Do"

"Few writers understand the rigors of suburban motherhood better than Lela Davidson. She's the type of girlfriend we all wish we had, always ready with a cocktail and a true story funny enough to make you spit out said cocktail. Fortunately for those of us not lucky enough to live in her zip code, she's written those stories down for moms everywhere to enjoy. Who Peed on My Yoga Mat is a hilarious, well-crafted, honest read penned by a talented writer who knows her craft--well worth a busy mom's time."

"Davidson can find the funny in any mundane mothering situation. Grab a copy, sit back and prepare to laugh. When you're done, you'll never look at your yoga mat or shower scrubber the same way again."

"Motherhood, marriage and Botox - Lela Davidson's Who Peed on My Yoga Mat is a funny, incredibly honest look at life after 40. Parenting books are all fine and good, but at this point, I just want to know I'm not alone on this crazy journey. Lela will help you laugh at those every day experiences that could potentially drive you insane. Laugh now she reminds us, by the next Summer Olympics our teens will be off to college and we'll be in a new phase."

""Who Peed on My Yoga Mat, is a delightful treat! The return of Lela Davidson in her second book captures your heart through an exciting adventure through the varied and sometimes surreal environment of suburban bliss. Davidson is an endearing storyteller, a loving wife and a supportive mother who takes you through the ups and downs of daily life in a comical, relatable way. A great follow up from Davidson's first book Blacklisted from the PTA!""

"Need a present for a mom who needs a good laugh-look no further because you have found it right here. I have laughed as hard at this second book as I did Lela's first one. What I love about Lela is she is realistic and funny, and you can read just one essay when you are having a bad day as a parent. She even addresses issues with your spouse. Parents need humor in their lives, and this is what Lela provides."

"Lela has once again delivered a collection of essays that will keep you laughing out loud. I highly recommend this book for every mom."

"Lela just released her latest book all about motherhood, minivans, turning 40s, and eyeballing botox. The 40s I can relate to. Motherhood, minivans, and botox? Not that I've had the pleasure of those but yet I still belly laugh at her antics and crazy stories about them. It's the book for all ages."

"In all seriousness (sort of), this book is a ton of fun to read. In fact, I read the whole thing in one night because I just couldn't put it down."

"She might have been "Blacklisted from the PTA," but I LOVE Lela Davidson! With her irreverent approach to parenting and wicked sense of humor, she's the hilarious bad mother you'll want for your best friend."

"Who Peed On My Yoga Mat? is a laugh-out-loud collection of short essays about marriage and motherhood. Once again, Lela reminds us that laughing at yourself is the most fun way to maintain your sanity in this crazy world."


If you have kids, practice yoga, or pee, you'll relate to the stories this book. It's a perfect airplane read! I loved this author's first book, Blacklisted from the PTA, so I had to read this book, too. It did not disappoint!"

"Love the humor. Gets you away from the everyday living. Enjoyed it immensely. Chapters were short, didn't lose track of where I stopped. Thank you!"

"This book is so funny. It's a great read even if you're not a mom. Very funny, real wife and mommy stories. Great gift for Christmas. Lela Davidson keeps it real and says all those things we want to and don't. Written perfectly about an imperfect life. Love it, love her. Buy the book!"

"Another wonderful collection of funny essays by Lela Davidson. I had many laugh out loud moments as I read this book, especially when I could completely relate to the story. A definite must-read!"


Reader Reviews for Blacklisted from the PTA:

"I loved this book because it is so parallel to what I am going through as a wife and Mom. It is funny because it makes you laugh at yourself like when you are chatting with a best girlfriend." 

"If you want a funny book that you can relate to the life lessons inside then this is the book for you. It's real life and a lot of humor. You won't want to put it down."

"Absolutely loved the honesty in this book. Author is very witty and funny." 

"This book kept me laughing from cover to cover!!! Would definitely recommend it to anyone!!! Very good book with lots of funny parts!"

"This book is hilarious! Love it, easy to read short stories were very entertaining and down to earth, good book."

"This book was hilarious and very entertaining, I would definitely read more from this author. I highly suggest reading it!"

"So many parts I could relate! If you have kids this is a must read! I'm so glad I'm not the only parent that has these same parenting issues!"

"This book had me laughing out loud on several occasions then trying to explain to my 13 year old daughter what I was laughing about. I could relate to the author on so many levels. Every mom I know should read this book."

"Great humorous take on life! I would love to read more by this author, she tells it more truly than many others have!"

"Who knew not being in the PTA could be so invigorating?! I think I know some of these people, maybe it was even me!! Laugh out loud funny."

"Rough week at home and I am laughing out loud to her stories. Love how to get out of the PTA. If you ave kids and dogs and a husband, you will get a kick out of it."

"Someone finally tells the truth about motherhood. Loved it and will certainly took for Lela's other books to read when I need a good laugh."

"Hilarious reading for everyone. Although it's written by a mom for moms, it was enjoyable to a single male and I recommend it!"

"Any mom who needs to be reminded that we are all soul sisters in this parenting gig, should read this! Fun, light-hearted, easy to pick up; hard to put down. Small chapters keep it guilt free! Be careful reading it in public...I LOL'd a lot!!!"

"Blacklisted from the PTA is a hilarious! Every mother will relate to this witty, yet honestly raw snapshot into motherhood. This book is entertaining, informative and just plain FUN!"

"Recently read this book on a trip to Tucson and couldn't put it down. The author took me to a happy place that made me laugh outloud on a crowded plane more than once. I tried stifling my giggles but appeared to be choking. She's down-to-earth, upbeat and down right funny."

"It is a good book to give as a gift to an adult friend to brighten their day as I think almost anyone can relate to one or more of the stories within these pages and likely get a good laugh at yourself. It also shows you that you don't have to be perfect, just be a mom. "

"Good to know I am not the only Mom with those thoughts! Enjoyed the book. Light easy read in between watching the kiddos."

"Loved this book! It is well written and fun to read. Everybody will be able to relate to the experiences Lela shares!"

"Quick read- loved it! Would recommend to all moms. There were so many instances where I completely related to the author. Laugh out loud funny!"

"Davidson writes about everything from childbirth to dating your husband to a Girls' Road Trip to Vegas (including a pole dancing class). This collection of funny, well written essays may remind you of Peg Bracken, Erma Bombeck, or Patrick Campbell, but if you're a mom, you'll know just what she's talking about."

"SO so funny! She says what women have running through their mind but are afraid to say."

"Davidson's essays are honest, candid, and hysterically funny. In some situations I had to take my glasses and wiped my eyes - that's how much this book is funny. This is an easy and must read material for all parents because this is the state-of-the-art of modern parenting."

"I just finished this book tonight. Funny stories that all mothers can relate to. Highly recommend this entertaining book. Good summer read."

"I haven't even finished this book (79%) but I love it so much that I'm confident to give it a ***** rating! This is my story and is the story of most of my friends! Ironically, I was (FALSLY) accused of embezzling from the PTA so I had to giggle when it was suggested as a way to get yourself out of Field Day duty!"

"Absolutely a great funny read about marriage, raising children and life. Enjoyed completely."

"An absolute must read for any mom! She writes what we all think...whether we care to admit it or not. My mother, sister, and I all enjoyed this book and refer to it frequently for a good laugh."

"This is one of those, "Oh, just ONE more story!" books that you read and don't want to put down. It's familiar and beautifully written. And it's humor everyone can comprehend. Buy it for yourself and every mom you know. You're sure to be smirking the whole way through."

"Loved this book!! Got to meet her last year while I was staying at the same hotel. I was there for a scrapbooking weekend, when she stopped in to inquire what was going on. After telling her all about our gathering, she said she had some extra books left over from her booking signing that weekend and offered them to us, signed and all! I loved all her stories, and found myself laughing a lot! Would definitely say this is a "MUST READ"

"Blacklisted from the PTA is one of those books that as a writer I wish I would have written it. Lela is spot on when she talks about parenting, and it is so refreshing to read about another mother who does the same silly and weird things I do or "don't" do. :) She has a great, easy-to-read writing style, and these essays are great for busy moms, as they are short and to the point and full of smiles and laughs. One of my favorites is about tweeting her labor--so clever! I also love the turkey costume for school. I would buy this book for any mother on my list, and this is the PERFECT book for a new mother who is full of anxiety and getting books like WHAT TO EXPECT... :)"

"I strongly recommend this book. The author found humor in most every subject and I could relate to everything, even the stress of driving to a hockey arena out of state. Hysterically funny and well worth it! Really enjoyed!"

"This book is the perfect insight to the psyche of modern motherhood. I laughed, shared snippets out loud to my family, and cringed at the scererios that rang all too familiar. Lela captures the inner workings of a southern mother and gives us the reassurance that even though our handbags and shoes may be well put together... motherhood is not as easy to coordinate. Five Stars!!"

"As a recuperating PTA lady and suburb dweller, I can say with authority that this insightful and funny book will make you laugh until you need to re-touch your eyeliner. I wish Lela lived next door to me--and you will, too."

"I curled up last Saturday to read a few chapters of "Blacklisted from the PTA," but before I knew it I had giggled my way through 100 pages!! After reading one story, I wanted to read another...and another...and another! I'm a mommy-to-be and I love how honest Lela is about what motherhood is REALLY like. I can feel comfortable not using cloth diapers (even with a diaper service) and not striving for absolute perfection. Thank you, Lela, for this hilarious account of your life that gives all of us grace to be normal!"

"What great reading! Blacklisted from the PTA is hilarious. Targeted for women with babies to teenagers, Davidson tells her personal experiences in vignettes that all mothers can identify with. Every line is written with an Erma Bombeck punch on topics from diapers to dates. Yet the stories are real and occasionally bring a lump to the throat. This is a great book to give as a gift."

"I am single with no kids but this book made me laugh at every turn. There are tons of points, when reading this book, I could identify how the women in my life felt about certain issues. I have given numerous copies as gifts and, hands down, every recipient lets me know how much they enjoyed reading Lela's essays. Buy this book - you won't regret it and will end up laughing out loud throughout many of the sections!!!"

"I'm not a mother or involved in the PTA. I read Davidson's book and absolutely LOVED it. I laughed out loud the whole way through. This is a must read!"

"Blacklisted from the PTA is hilarious! It's an easy read that allows you to read in the amount of time you have available (waiting to board a plane etc...). The hard part is once you start reading you don't want to put it down! The stories Lela Davidson tells in this book are absolutely hilarious and brilliant. She writes in a witty way that keeps you entertained and laughing with her all the way to the end of the book. You might want to keep this book handy because it's a great conversation starter and you'll find yourself referring to different stories in the book and reliving your own "blacklisted" moments."

"Reading it feels like visiting with your best girlfriend, who just happens to be hilarious!!! Honest, light-hearted & laugh out-loud stories you can relate to. Loved it so much, I bought copies for my sisters & friends as well. Highly recommend it!!!"

"I loved "Blacklisted From the PTA"! I read it on the way to the beach and most chapters I read outloud to my husband as we traveled down the highway! We both laughed!! Lela knows how to take life's most ordinary and unordinary experiences and make them just plain FUNNY! I love when women can admit being a mother and a wife isn't easy and perfection is not expected. This book will remind you, you aren't "in it" alone!"

"'Blacklisted' is a hilarious read from the woman within us all that screams, "Martha Stewart who?" Propriety and $500 table settings have their place, but 'Blacklisted' comforts the over-worked, over-stressed mother and emboldens her to say "enough is enough!" and reach for the red wine on a Tuesday night. So, tear up those PTA volunteer forms, sit back with a bottle of your favorite beverage, and laugh it up with fresh and funny Lela Davidson."

"Reading Davidson's book is like a conversation with one of your oldest friends, the one who will tell you that your jeans do make your butt look big or that the brownies you baked are overdone. Her essays are honest, candid, and laugh-out-loud (or snort-out-loud) funny. After reading her book, you'll want to hear more from her--I'm looking forward to her next collection of essays."

"I've just finished this book. I sat next to my husband on the beach, reading this on my kindle. I laughed out loud at one point, snorted many other times and read chunks aloud to him. I think it was more entertaining than his Fortune magazine. I loved this book, and will tell everyone I know to read it. It's a very funny and truthful view of being a mom and a wife these days."

"Blacklisted from the PTA is a fun, lighthearted, and laugh-out-loud funny account of typical life lessons and situations mothers face as their children grow. As a mom, I was able to relate to nearly everything in Lela's book, and found Blacklisted from the PTA funny enough in places to spawn a good laugh and even an occasional snort (to which my 11 year old informed me that I needed to stop reading it in public because I was embarrassing her). Each topic is organized in a quick, easy to read format, so even the busiest of moms can easily find time to read this book during those moments spent waiting in the car-rider line, or at the doctor's office. Thank you Lela, for this little gem!"

"This really is the must read of the summer! I took "Blacklisted from the PTA" and my mother to the beach last week - we both read it and both laughed out loud through every story. I also know what I'm getting my younger sister for her birthday - a t-shirt that clearly states the only reason she's here is because my parents felt I needed a playmate. I attribute this book to an even better vacation!"

"I've been thinking that my best girlfriends and I were the only ones who could go through our lives with enough humor and without taking ourselves too seriously. Then I read Lela Davidson's Blacklisted from the PTA. The way she tells her stories makes you feel as if she's one of your bestest sitting around sipping coffee and swapping this week's adventures in life. If you can't relate to Lela's stories or they don't put smile on your face, you truly can't be enjoying all of the best quirks that being married with kids has to offer!"

"This is a must read for any mom! I could totally relate to the stories and never wanted to put the book down. A great summer read!"

"Moms will see themselves, and their families, in many of these situations. And while all of these adventures may not have been funny in the moment, Lela Davidson has made them downright hilarious AND quick to read. Her witty essays cut to the chase, and never leave you bored along the way. No other writing on parenthood has made me laugh out loud the way these do. I have three children, a husband, molded food in my refrigerator, and a stack of paperwork leaking out of my in-box. Like Lela, I have been through labor, dropped a jaw at over-the-top birthday parties, and attempted (unsuccessfully) to clean out my cosmetic drawer. Unlike Lela, I hope the PTA in my child's future school really, really likes me. But if, at the first meeting, they act all crazy and sign me up for baking muffins AND 50 hours a week of volunteer time, I'll quietly pay my dues, and sneak off to the bathroom stall - this book firmly in hand."

"As a PTA officer, I was scared to read this, but let me tell you, Lela has hit the nail on the head. Her witty and ring-true writing was so fun to read and I could not put my Kindle down. She talks frankly about her children, friends, husband and neighbors, all of which we moms can relate to. Kudos to Lela for writing what she, and many, many of us mommies know, but were afraid to publish!"

"This is definitely a must read. The book is compiled of over 60 short stories (essays), which makes it so easy to read! You can sit down for 5 minutes or 30 minutes and I promise you will get a laugh. The author has a writing style that the reader can relate to, and I love the humor involved. If you are going to be a parent, are a parent, or have a parent, you will laugh out loud at the honest, no holds barred writing style of Lela Davidson. To be honest, I could not put this book down. I can definitely see it as something I would read again!"

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