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 Free 15-Minute Portfolio Pinpoint

(Ready for extreme focus to elevate your influence & authority?)

I love helping women sort through all the ways to leverage what they’ve got to build a powerful Portfolio. The first step is to identify the most important thing to do next.

So I’m opening up a few spots on my calendar for 100% free and 100% focused 15-Minute Portfolio Pinpoint sessions.

During our 15 minutes I will pinpoint for you:

  • The ONE thing you can do immediately to expand your influence and authority.

    So that you immediately accelerate the impact of your contribution.

Ready for the 100% best part?

The strategies we find in Portfolio Pinpoint are 100% based on the work you have already done. I’m 100% confident that your next most important steps are just waiting for to be pinpointed.  


This free service is ideal for you if you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the all the ways you could move forward.

  • Have a deep need to make a significant contribution doing the work you are uniquely qualified and called to do.

  • Bloom where you’re planted, make lemonade from lemons, and bring others along her yellow brick road to find what they need to build their own happily ever after.

  • Get bored easily and therefore sometimes need a fresh set of eyes to validate your next move.

  • Are perpetually in upgrade mode, from your network to your skills, to you impact on the world-- you’re always focused on what’s next.

  • Are not afraid of hard work, and you appreciate learning from someone who has been there and done that.


Here’s how it works:

You meet me on a call for 15 minutes, and we pinpoint the most powerful moves you can make right now.

I’ll assess your current body of work find the gold that’s shining just below the surface. Pinpointing this nugget provides you immediate:

  • Growth of your authority and influence, so you can make your greatest impact.

  • Confidence that you’re focused on the right thing, right now.

  • Clarity to guide your to-do list and keep it in check.


Here’s you, before Portfolio Pinpoint

Optimistic but overwhelmed by all the things you could do. So sometimes you just shut down and binge on Mrs. Maisel.

And you, after Portfolio Pinpoint

Clear, confident and focused. You’re ready to take on the world, assured you’re doing the right thing, and patiently plodding along your path to greatness.

^^^ That’s what we all want, right?

To go about our work with power, ease, and efficiency.

So head here to reserve your own 15-Minute (totally FREE) Portfolio Pinpoint.

Openings are limited, so don’t procrastinate.

Free 15-Minute Portfolio Pinpoint

Ready for extreme focus to elevate your influence & authority?


Then apply for one of my 15-Minute Portfolio Pinpoint Sessions.

I dedicate limited time to these, so grab your spot before they fill up.

  • Action Accelerates: When you create consistently, master the skills of your craft, and connect your work to an audience, you expand your contribution. So let’s pinpoint your next move.  

  • Repetition is Reputation: The more you stay on message, the greater impact your message will have. I can’t wait to help you clarify a strategy, so you can fast-track your greatest contribution.

  • Stuck Sucks: If you’re not pushing yourself to play bigger than you think you can, you’re already stuck. We will work with what you have right now to elevate your influence and authority..

Don’t wait. Grab your spot now.

Let’s do this!

Free 15-Minute Portfolio Pinpoint


Within just a few minutes, Lela had me look at my work in a different light. I hadn't given much thought to the fact that I provide a service that is in demand. She quickly reigned in what my talent is and what my goals are to steer me in a direction where I can make the most of my time. She also gave me some practical tips for prioritizing clients and organizing my time to be more efficient. I'm so grateful to her!

Angela Forsyth
Freelance Writer


Free 15-Minute Portfolio Pinpoint