Hello! I'm Lela Davidson.

Your guide to building personal and professional influence and authority. From writing to speaking to branding and content strategy-- I'll help you gather the pieces, wrap your mind around the big picture, and develop a master plan, so your stories (or your STORY) make a difference for you and for your audience

How did I become obsessed with transforming stories into STORY?


It all started when I was Blacklisted from the PTA. Instead of crying on the cul-de-sac (okay, after crying on the cul-de-sac), I wrote the book about it, and then two more:  Who Peed on My Yoga Mat? and Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life.

Now "award-winning author" is part of my story. 

While struggling to find the right story for my life, I worked as a freelance journalist and commentator for NBC News/TODAY MomsiVillage and The Huffington Post. I've had hundreds of humor essays featured in family and parenting magazines throughout North America, and in Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms, and my book marketing advice has been featured in Writer’s Digest.

But before all that…

My story began in 1969, born to a 17-year-old runaway living in a San Francisco commune. I emerged from a childhood haze of macrame, alfalfa sprouts, and basement band rehearsals to rebel in the extreme: I became a CPA. I married an engineer with excellent table manners, had two kids, and moved to an idyllic cul-de-sac. (If you don't count the whole PTA blacklisting bit.) 

Working as a CPA/financial analyst for a decade gifted me with an undying love of spreadsheets, but STORY called. So I turned to writing--online. I accidentally learned digital media and marketing from the ground up creating content, managing editorial teams, and providing strategic direction to a variety of brands and publications. In 2013, I launched a media business inside the venture backed e-commerce retailer Country Outfitter. As Vice President | General Manager of One Country Media, I led the team that built One Country into the #1 media outlet for country music entertainment and lifestyle in its first year of operation. 

In 2016 I left the red carpets and dirt roads behind to start a brand new adventure, in shopper marketing. Today I serve as Vice President, Account Leadership & Client Partnership at Saatchi & Saatchi X, leading a team of bold, creative business builders who help craft powerful stories for some of the largest brands and retailers in the world.

I have spoken nationally to groups of women about media, marketing, faking work/life balance, and most important, taking control of their stories.


These are my people. 

These are a few of my favorite things:
Making something out of nothing
Controlling the STORY
Walking in the woods
Ambitious women


But wait, there's more!

I've been quoted in national publications, including: 

CNN Living
CNN Health
CNN Education
Wall Street Journal
Writers Digest

I'm also an experienced on-camera guest and interviewer, formerly the co-host of multiple parenting segments, and the retail business program Focus on Suppliers broadcast on NBC affiliate KNWA.


Want to know more? (Did I mention I love to talk?) Happy to connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or email.