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Let’s build your body of work.

But not just any content for content’s sake.

Your body of work can build influence and authority. Or not.

Your body of work can deliver your unique gifts to those who need them most. Or it can wander off in too many directions, confusing those who consume it. Watering down your message.

Your body of work can be the cohesive the story of everything you’re working toward. Or it can become yet another virtual junk drawer.

Everything you create. Every time you connect. Every morsel you contribute. It's all building your body of work.

Do you have a strategy?


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Things I love to do:

  • Help women expand their influence and authority so they can build better businesses, meatier movements, and more kickass careers.

  • Speak to audiences of women about using the power of their stories to change their lives and their communities.

  • Help artists, executives, and entrepreneurs build more powerful stories.


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