Is this idea good enough for me?

This is the real question we need to ask ourselves each time we are struck with brilliance.

Instead we swirl in tornado of doubt.

  • Is this a good idea?

  • If so, hasn’t someone else already thought of this?

  • Am I good enough for this idea?

And on and on we swirl and bounce from one idea to another, squandering precious creative energy on starts and stops that don’t advance our true contribution.

Hosts, I want to help your audience Stop the Swirl!

With my simple tool, anyone can overcome analysis paralysis. Anyone can build a body of work that is cohesive and consistent. And a strategically designed body of work is what builds the influence and authority to get things done.

As a guest I’d love to chat with you about:

  • the real reasons ideas spin in our heads and the simple solution to stop the swirl immediately

  • my simple 3-step tool anyone can use anytime they’re feeling overwhelmed by all their great ideas

  • how to create a unique magic formula to quickly assess future ideas and stop the swirl for good

What does Lela know?

I know ideation. I know the tricks our creativity can play on us. And I know how to get past the barriers to get good work out into the world.

Naturally, I’d love to share your show with my small but highly engaged and influential audience!

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