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Lela Davidson is the best-selling author of Blacklisted from the PTA, Who Peed on My Yoga Mat? and Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life. Her work has been featured on NBC News, the Today Show, and NPR.

As Vice President, Account Leadership & Client Partnership at Saatchi & Saatchi X, Lela leads a team of bold, creative business builders, and helps them tell better stories for their brand and retail clients. 

Lela founded Second Story Writer’s Workshop in 2015 to help writers find and use their voices.


Working in global financial services and leading a team of shopper marketers taught me to infuse creativity into the cubicle. 

Publishing three best-selling and award-winning books, writing countless articles, and speaking to groups across the country taught me to take control of the story. 

When you find your voice, you rule your world.

Whey you use your voice, you change the world. 

Take control of your story. 


How can I help you?


Command the Muse, master story and writing craft, find your voice, and build your audience.


Why, yes, I was blacklisted from the PTA. Give yourself and your book club the gift of humor. 


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