Do You Have Creative Confidence?

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Do you know Dixie Longate? You should. Here’s why:

Before Dixie’s hilarious one-woman show, "Dixie’s Tupperware Party", I never knew how many jello shots fit in a cake taker. 

Before the show I never knew you could host a Tupperware party at a one-woman show. 

Most important, before I knew Dixie, I never knew the story of Brownie Wise.

Brownie was a brilliant marketer, a single mom on a mission, and a casualty of her time.

In 1950 the incomparable Ms. Wise created the party plan that transformed a nifty invention into a cultural phenomenon. She launched the business model that is still disrupting the global consumer products market.

Party plan selling is uniquely feminine. With its social opportunity and peer pressure brutality. Party plan selling offers an unmatched opportunity for women to create a significant contribution with sparse resources.

Wit, determination, and a love of airtight containers is all you need to create a steady revenue stream with Tupperware.

So thank you, Brownie Wise, for creating all that. And thank you, Dixie Longate for making sure the world doesn’t forget about Brownie Wise.

In 1954, four years after launching the sales and marketing model that changed the world, Brownie Wise made the cover of Business Week magazine.

Four years after that Brownie was forced out of the company with no stock and a paltry severance. That part sucks. And now I’m obsessed about learning the rest of Brownie’s story.

But regardless of how her story ended and lack of credit she has received for it, Brownie Wise made an incredible contribution.

She had the Creative Confidence to innovate. She didn’t have the luxury of allowing her ideas to swirl. Yes, her Creative Confidence probably looked a lot more like putting food on the table for her son. So be it. We work with what we’re given.

Want more Creative Confidence?

Step 1: Get your ideas out of your head and out into the world.

When your ideas are spinning in a storm of overwhelm, you can’t be strategic and consistent. That’s no bueno.

Ready for Creative Confidence? I can help.