Are You a Dreamer or an Author?

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Only a select few can be writers and authors. That's true, but not for the reasons you might think. Writing and publishing a book doesn't take much talent, as some reviewers of my books would agree. What it takes is commitment and effort. Writing a book takes good old fashioned work ethic, and the courage to face your insecurities. Aside from that, it's all just the wiggling of the fingers.

Do you have a message to share? Or just a dream you can't shake? Here's how to go from dreamer to author.

The Difference Between Dreamers and Authors

Dreamers think a book brings celebrity. Authors know a book can change the world.

Dreamers think once a book is published, their work is done. Authors know better.

Dreamers write according to the Muse. Authors write according to a schedule.

Dreamers get envious of others’ success. Authors get their butt in the chair.

Dreamers chase the market. Authors share the message they can’t shake.

Dreamers resist editing. Authors know the best draft is the next draft.

Dreamers write to get published. Authors write because they have to.

Dreamers fantasize about the prizes. Authors study the craft.

Dreamers focus on themselves. Authors focus on readers.

Dreamers crave quick success. Authors build a legacy.

Dreamers believe in talent. Authors believe in effort.

If you have something to say, be a dreamer, by all means.

Then get to work and be an author.