How to Make Sun Shine Out of Your Ass [ets]

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“Accounting is the antichrist.”

A lecture hall full of hungover business undergrads laughed. The professor moved on to read another definition our classmates had submitted.

This was my introduction on my first day of Accounting 101 at the University of Washington.

It sums up how most people feel about the bean counter’s discipline. But I disagree. My study of accounting did not signal the end times. It gave me an invaluable understanding of the importance of creating and collecting assets.

An asset pays you back over time. It has future value. It spins off dividends.

Assets make everything better.

What does this have to do with your body of work?

Your body of work is a portfolio of assets that work for you -- even when you stop working on them! This allows you to keep creating so you can reach more people more deeply. The greater the contribution you want to make, the more important your collection of assets becomes.

Because you don’t have time to go deep with each person who can benefit from your message.

And when your collection of assets is connected by a magic formula (ie. strategic framework) every story you tell becomes stronger and feeds the great contribution only you can make.

Build your assets, and they work for you, shining their light on everything that comes after. Build shiny assets, and you make your own light.

Sold on creating assets? I can help.