How to Be Annoying In a Good Way

How to Be Annoying In a Good Way

Want to get found online? Be annoying. In a good way.

While you never want to annoy your audience, to be an effective marketer you must get comfortable with annoying yourself. People do not pay attention to all your cute marketing messages and pleas to buy my book already! (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Everyone is living their own lives. And all of our lives are busier than ever. So, just because you posted something thirty-six times on Facebook doesn’t mean anybody saw it. True story. Post it again. Be repetitive. I know. It hurt sometimes. But here's the deal, nobody cares about what you make or do or sell.

So you wrote something, or made something, or provide a kickass service. Good for you. Now, who’s going to find out about it? If you have a small business of any kind you are probably your own marketer. And there is only one of you. Here are my top three tips for being annoying consistent in your messaging online.

Repeat Yourself

Awful as it may sound, you must get comfortable repeating yourself because chances are no one heard you the first time, the second time, the sixth time.

Get Over Yourself

Focus on how you serve your audience or your customers. You are not saying the same thing over and over. You are telling the story of what you do/sell/provide in different ways at different times in order to provide consistently relevant information for your topic or niche.

Get Search Engine Savvy

When you understand how search engines work you can put your messaging on auto-pilot. While you are actively engaging your audience or customer base, previously created content is out there working for you. The magic of search engines deliver potential sales to you while you are busy doing something else.

And you know what? Search engines are not magic.