Lead a Charmed Life


My daughter finds four leaf clovers. Anywhere she goes, she can walk up to a patch of clover and find a four leafed one. Sometimes she'll find a fiver or a sixer, as she calls them.

It's rare, this gift for finding the exceptional clover, but to my daughter, this is an ordinary act. She is baffled that other people cannot see the special specimens.

"It's easy," she tells me. "All the other clovers only have three leaves, so you just look for the ones with four leaves."

Gaby found her first four leaf clover on the playground in elementary school.

She found her first four leaf clover before the world told her not to get her hopes up.

She expects to find four leaf clovers, and so she does.

I was reading an old interview with Ariana Huffington the other day, where she introduced me to this Rumi quote:

"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor."

My daughter's four leaf clovers remind me that our fortunes are out there, just waiting for us to see them and pluck them up.

I hope they do the same for her.

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