Strike Sessions: Strike While the Idea is Hot

Strike Sessions_ Strike While the Idea is Hot

Creative coaching is powerful

Sometimes you simply need a quick shot of objectivity to get you to your next most important move, your next bold strike.

I can see what you can’t see, and because of my years of experience across the craft of writing, publishing, speaking, online content, storytelling, and marketing, I can see it very quickly.

Whether you want to entertain a crowd, share your unique story, build a business, rally a group of volunteers, or just prepare for a really important meeting–whatever you want to communicate or influence, I can help.


Your work will be stronger, and get done a LOT faster, when you work with a great coach. The time is now. We will find your next bold move, your Strike Move, and you will act on it so that your strike becomes a stride and you start making progress right away. I know we can get you moving in 15 minutes flat.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams

Your Strike Move is the most important next move you can make to get you where you want to go. And don’t worry if you’re not quite sure about your final destination. Thoreau was right–when we go confidently in the direction of our dreams, we get closer to the life we have imagined. We don’t have know exactly where that path leads. We just have to get on it and put one foot in front of the other. 

Articles, Pitches and Essays oh my!

I’ve been writing articles, website content, speeches, pitches, ebooks, essays, books, blog posts, press releases, countless social media status updates and really important emails for a very long time. I’ve received literary awards for my ability to make the mundane entertaining, and really nice messages from students who I’ve helped break past their blocks and push their projects to completion.

And I’ve been earning a consistent revenue from those writing- and speaking-related efforts for more than a decade. I understand how markets work, but more important, I understand the internal struggles artists, executive, and entrepreneurs face that get in between them and their goals.

Never doubt you have a message to share

More important than all that, I LOVE helping people find and share their unique message. Never doubt that you have one. If you found yourself here, you have a story. If you’re wondering if the project you’ve been secretly plotting really has legs, it likely does. If you’re wondering if you’ve got what it takes, we can certainly find out.

If it sounds like I’ve been where you want to go, I can help you get there. I’ve seen the perils of the path and together we can set you up for success.

Schedule a Strike Session and let’s talk.

I know I can help you, but I also know it can be scary to ask for that help. Because when you do, you’re admitting that you really want to do this thing.

Let’s get lightning to strike.